Delineator Posts, Its History And Modern-Day Improvement

One of the most commonly seen road surface marking in the world is the delineator post. These delineators are very useful for oncoming pedestrians and vehicle drivers as it helps in guiding them on properly identifying the road’s alignment. There are only two sides of the road, left and right. However, because of impaired visibility especially at night and other weather factors, it takes a toll on the sense of direction of most drivers and it could lead to a fatal vehicular collision accident. To avoid this, delineator posts are placed and lined up on the two sides of major and minor roadways to guide all road users.
Even in one-way roads, delineator posts are also useful because it helps the driver identify the side of the road and therefore preventing them from running off the lane. There are two main colors used in the reflective materials placed on this post, white and yellow. Although its meaning may be different from other countries, the standardized meaning of white indicates that it’s the right of the road traffic while yellow is for the left side or pavement of the road.
The History of Delineator Posts
Delineator posts review and research on its history led to the discovery of its evolution from being a post made from wood to a more durable road surface marking today. In the past, the first delineators were made out of metal and wood making them only a one-time use safety product. When this product was unintentionally damaged by “reckless” drivers, it had to be replaced immediately. This activity was considered costly and burdensome considering all the wood needed to be cut and metal to be shaped. Even though it was developed using superior materials, there were still some flaws to the design and the level of impact it could take.
Thanks to modernization and unending efforts of various companies manufacturing delineator posts, the materials used today prove to be more useful and durable that could withstand impacts from passing motorists. These flexible plastic tubes made of plastics and polymers are tested to be durable, a great result as per a delineator posts review you see online.

In addition, the reflective lens and sheeting materials used in this post are what makes it very visible to all road users day and night. It’s probably one of the reasons why old delineators were often hit by drivers back then since they can’t see it especially at night.
This product comes in a wide selection of color, height, and sheeting options. As mentioned, white is placed on the right side while yellow is for the left side of the road. In addition, delineators with orange reflective sheeting help inform pedestrians and drivers of an ongoing construction project ahead.
Indeed, all of the traffic control devices developed and improved for better use today are for the benefit of people. The delineator post is just one of the road surface markings aiming to provide a safe driving experience to vehicle drivers.

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Benefitting Qualities Of A Collapsible Safety Cone: Why It’s Important To Get One Or Two?

As a driver, it is very typical to see traffic cones on the road as it helps in redirecting the heavy traffic smoothly. But there are other uses of the traffic cones proving that it became one of the useful road equipment ever since its invention in the 1940s.

And to fit the modern-day needs of drivers and motorists, the traffic cone manufacturers assembled a collapsible one that instantly became a huge hit in the market. Collapsible traffic cones are generally the same regular cones you see on the road. It has the same bright colors: orange, fluorescent lime green, pink, and yellow, and the reflective white strip tapes. It also has the cone-shape with the sturdy base that helps in keeping off the wind from knocking it over. The only difference is that it’s collapsible, and can be easily stored in the car and taken everywhere.

Nowadays, people choose to purchase and have collapsible traffic cones offered at many stores and even online sites like These cones are not just for redirecting traffic because it’s been proven to be useful in many situations like signaling approaching cars of a road construction or repair project, a car breaking down and parked on the blind corner of the road, a dangerous street area prone to accidents, and many more.

The Qualities of Collapsible Traffic/Safety Cones

Collapsible traffic cones are like regular heavy traffic cones as both can be used indoors and outdoors. But let’s elaborate more on the qualities the collapsible cone kits have.

Collapsible traffic cones are lightweight yet very robust. This marker needs to be lightweight so that it will be easier for the driver to take it out of the car and pop it up during a road situation to warn other drivers. The materials used in making the collapsible traffic cones are also tested to make sure that it can withstand encountering any harsh weather condition. The sturdy base of the cone is a must so it’s not easily knocked over. Most cones are used when the weather is bad like heavy rains so aside from being robust and sturdy, it is also water-resistant that don’t easily gets damaged when in contact with water.

Collapsible traffic cones are visible during the day and night. As per the information found on, a traffic cone is serving its purpose if it’s highly visible during the day and night or in whatever weather condition there is. It should be visible from up to 1000 meters at all directions so that drivers can be warned of a hazard up ahead that road. The bright orange or lime green color of its body coupled with the reflective tapes also help in increasing nighttime visibility so attentive and even inattentive drivers will be warned to drive slowly in a particular area. There are other cones with LED lights used for nighttime as well.

Collapsible traffic cones are easy to handle and store. The good thing about the collapsible kits is that you can take it anywhere you want and can be used in whatever emergency road situation you’re in. It can be folded and placed on the car when not used. You will find it easy to handle because you can pull it out from the bag and pop it up then place on the corners of the car.

Collapsible traffic cones are perfect because it’s easy to store, to use, and to transport. Various cone manufacturers and will be happy to tell you more of the qualities this collapsible traffic cone has that make it a must-have in the car.

The Solution For Traffic Safety

For the workplaces like construction of buildings, safety is always on top of the list. Unfortunately, traffic safety is often disregarded. Traffic safety refers to the safety precautions towards the vehicles and people that happen to pass by near the workplace. To achieve traffic safety, solutions must be applied. These require putting up traffic safety supplies so that vehicles can go through a safer direction.

Road Markers

Road markers are the marks installed on the road so that people will know that there is something going on in the place and they must be aware of route changes.

These posts are visible both day and night. These are usually rounded tubes with simple design and distinguishing color. When fluorescent colors are used for these posts, it catches attention quickly even in low light. Different materials could be used to make delineator posts, but the one deemed as the most reliable is the polymer urethane. This is because it stands too much level of fuel exposure, including oil and grease.

These guides the drivers not to change lanes all throughout while passing places near the workplace without holding back the visibility. These are developed from the traditional bicycle lanes before it was made appropriate for even the non-motorists. The color is commonly in stripes of black with yellow or white. 

Reflector Warning Kits

This is used to warn people for possible flare. An example of a warning kit may include red colored triangles. This is not just appropriate for nighttime, but also for daytime. It has the capacity to resist the wind because of its airflow design. Installing and keeping it also comes very easy.

Work Attire

What the drivers see at night is very important and this is not just applicable for the warning signs and markers. What the workers wear at night also matters. It is important that all the workers must wear appropriate work attire in order not to distract drivers. The work attire is commonly in neon color to keep it still visible in low light and even in bad weather. These are also referred to as safety vests. There is an appropriate color of work attire for road crews, walkers, motorists, and crossing guards. There are times also when lettering is applied in front and at the back of the workwear indicating what those are for.

Construction Signs

A workplace must always be guided by several construction signs as long as the work is going on. The signs warn the drivers that an ongoing construction is there so they must take extra care for the possibility of falling debris. 

Traffic Cones

Everybody notices the traffic cones once it was put on the roadside. This is because of its color, which is lime and orange. Aside from construction, traffic cones can also be used for events such as soccer, running, and birthdays.

When you have noticed one of the listed above is highly needed by you or your staff, you can contact Traffic Safety Store at since they are one of the largest providers of traffic safety supplies all over America.